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Dr. James Wilson: back in Australia & New Zealand

Dr. Wilsonís seminars are different than other seminars you will attend in our business - they have been thoroughly research and presented by one of the worldís most qualified, experienced and respected authorities in natural medicine. Due to popular demand we are delighted to announce Dr. Wilsonís return once more. Your seminar notice and registration form will arrive shortly. Dr. Wilson will be presenting in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne. Be sure to book early this year, seating is limited for our Auckland venue in particular. We received exceptional feedback last year, with some attendees stating that Dr. Wilsonís seminars are the very best they attend in terms of the presenter, the material, the venue (Westin, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland) and that amazing meal!
For an Auckland Registration Form
For Auckland this year, Dr. Wilson will focus on an interactive approach, giving you the opportunity to participate more fully.
You will find his NZ presentation to be packed with most useful clinical information, presented in his usual expert style:
* The difficult patient - Do you see difficult patients at times who are unresponsive to treatment, and would you like to have some tools to be able to more effectively treat such cases in your clinic?
* Kidney/adrenal detox - Are you aware that the kidney/adrenals come fully equipped with their own P-450 detoxification system, and that these small hard-working glands can become highly toxic yet often remain untreated?
* Steroids in practice - In certain cases of severe burn-out, hydrocortisone can be used most effectively to facilitate a quicker outcome for your patient. Would you like to learn the correct protocol?
* Open workshop - Do you wish to discuss a difficult case or ask about any aspect of adrenal fatigue, stress, immunity or have any other question you wish to ask Dr. Wilson? Now is your chance.


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