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New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists [NZAMH] Yes
Natural Health Council (NZ) Inc Yes
Natural Health Practitioners of NZ [NHPNZ] Yes

Enrolment from June 1st 2015 includes 2016 (15 months)

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NB** Associate Membership
Those members of other 'like' associations/societies and previous members now residing outside of NZ.
(Conditions Apply and each application for associate/affiliate membership must be approved by the Registrar)

NZSN also require each Applicant for Full Professional Membership to hold a Current NZ Workplace Comprehensive First Aid Certificate.
Please enclose a copy with your other certification.


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Your NZSN Registration Number printed on your current Reg. Certificate is also your Member Number for your Insurance Application

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Please allow up to 6 weeks for the processing of your application, longer if you apply by post. If your qualifications are from a college outside of New Zealand it may take even longer to process. Refer to our F.A.Q's Page.

Once your application is accepted and payment has been made, you will receive a receipt and a Registration Certificate & Number for the year, depicting your membership status with NZSN.
You will also receive a personal login to the forum and further information about NZSN.

Email us, or phone on 021 0844 3976 if you need assistance.

Our Code of Ethics and Rules of Practice are on the NZSN Website. About Us

The details I have submitted on this form and the photocopies I send are true and correct.
I acknowledge, by typing my name on this form, that I have read and fully understood the Code of Ethics and the Rules of Practice of the New Zealand Society of Naturopaths (Inc) and if accepted for membership I agree to abide by them.


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